Over the past six months Reclaim has engaged in several surveys of concerned citizens in New York State. The Surveys were a resounding success in terms of learning more about Reclaim's base and how Reclaim can help New Yorkers make their government more transparent and accountable. Thank you!


The surveys yielded an above average level of input, attention, engagement, and activism compared to other groups and not for profit organizations. In addition, given the unusually high numbers of Reclaimers who stated that they are registered to vote, it appears that Reclaim New York represents one of the larger, most dedicated voting blocks in the State.

Don’t let your voice be silenced! -- The liberal power structure wants to change the law to allow the current super majority party, to gerrymander the districts.

Redistricting is the once every decade process to redraw state legislative and congressional districts. Just recently, the U.S. Census Bureau announced that New York State’s congressional representation will be reduced from 27 to 26 seats. New districts for congress, as well as state Senate and Assembly, will need to be established for the 2022 elections.

Former Congressman John Faso will lead this webinar. Congressman Faso has long experience with this topic, dating back to his service as Minority Leader in the state Assembly.
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This will be a highly informative, hands-on, how-to webinar and we hope that you join us.

On behalf of all of us at Reclaim, thank you.

Suzanne Tufts
Acting Executive Director
Reclaim New York

About Us

We love New York, but our politicians won't police themselves. Albany politicians believe that government knows best and their friends come first. They're robbing us of our families, our finances, and our future. Their belief in the politics of envy will be the death of New York.

Somebody must stop this socialist slide, protect the taxpayer, and fight for the basic freedoms that made New York the Empire State. That somebody is Reclaim and the battle has begun.

We envision a freer New York made prosperous and competitive by improving public policy, nurturing civic engagement, and strengthening state and local government accountability.


Reclaim New York is a non-partisan, 501c3 non-profit organization that empowers freedom-minded citizens to understand the real story behind state and local policy.

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Chairman, Director, and Treasurer Rebekah Mercer
Secretary, and Director, Jennifer Mercer
Director, Leonard Leo